What is Final Sinks

The scientific program will consist of plenary session, keynote lectures, and oral/poster presentations. Through the discussions in the 1st to 3rd Final Sinks, this conference will go beyond landfilling and address the wider perspectives of Life Cycle Thinking, including cleaner production. The topics include:

<Conference Theme>

  1. Methodologies to follow materials through the economy
  2. Design of products and systems in view of clean cycles and final sinks
  3. Cross-counties supply chain materials management
  4. Clean, cycle, and control of hazardous materials
  5. Management of safe final sinks for conventional and nuclear wastes
  6. The role of Waste-to-Energy and landfills as sinks
  7. Novel utilizations of sink capacity and stocks
  8. Socio economic issues related to material uses
  9. Assessment methods for evaluation of sink services and constrains
  10. Challenge for 3R & Sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  11. Life cycle approach for a sustainable society
  12. Waste prevention challenges

Both theoretical analyses as well as case studies focusing on cleaner production and final sinks are welcome.