Presentation Guidance

<Oral presenter>

  • Each oral presenter has 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion).
  • PC with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 was prepared for the oral presentation.
  • Presenters are encouraged to bring your presentation data to the Speaker Ready Room at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled presentation in order to check the presentation data.

<Poster presenter>

  • Poster sessions are prepared at 13:15-14:45 on 25th and 26th. Poster presenters are encouraged to attend both sessions.
  • Each poster presenter needs to display your poster on the poster board in Banquet Hall before the session on 25th October. After the session on 26th, poster presenters have to remove their posters by 16:30.
  • Poster size is A0 size. Poster should include title, authors name, and their affiliations. Symbol “〇” need to be shown in front of the presenter’s name.