Technical tour

Participants must pre-register for the technical tour. On-site registration is also available, until registration reaches maximum capacity (40 attendances).

Date27 (Fri.) October 2017
Visiting SitesSouth District Resource Recycling Center
Eco Land Otowa No Mori (Landfill site)
Okura Sake Museum
Meeting PointIn front of Building #4 in KRP at 8:50-9:00
(Bus will leave at 9:00)
Dress CodeSmart Casual

For pre-registration, please send e-mail to the Secretariat ( ) by 20th October.
1. Name, 2. Affiliation, 3. Country, 4. Phone number, and 5. E-mail address should be included in the pre-registration e-mail.

<Overview of the visiting sites>
<Waste Treatment Facilities in Kyoto City>

Eco Land Otowa No Mori is the only landfill facility that Kyoto City manages, with a capacity of approx. 4.5 million m3. Incinerated residue and incombustible waste have been landfilled in this controlled landfill site since 2000. The South District Resource Recycle Center is the intermediate treatment facility for cans, bins, and PET bottles, with a treatment capacity of 60 t/day.

<Historical Spots>





The Fushimi area is famous for its sake brewery. The Okura Sake Museum, housed in an old sake brewery, presents the history of sake production in Japan. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the old brewery. You can also have lunch in Tsuki No Kurabito, a restaurant renovated in the old sake brewery.

<Time Schedule>

9:00Depart from Kyoto Research Park (KRP)
9:45-11:45Visit I: South District Resource Recycle Center
12:00-12:40Visit II: Okura Sake Museum
12:50-14:00Lunch at Tsuki No Kurabito
15:00-16:30Visit III: Eco Land Otowa No Mori (Landfill site)
18:00Kyoto Station (JR line): Finishing point 1
18:15KRP: Finishing point 2